Talend Training

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Introduction To Talend

About Talend

Talend Open studio is Open source ETL tool which provides fast development and data integration job design through an easy-to-use graphical development environment. It enables rapid deployment and reduces maintenance costs with prebuilt connectors to all source and target systems, with support for all types of data integration, data migration, and data synchronization operations

Why Talend

Talend provides integration that truly scales. From small projects to enterprise-wide implementations, Talend’s highly scalable data, application and business process integration platform maximizes information assets and development skillsets. Ready for big data, Talend’s flexible architecture adapts to future IT platforms. And Talend’s predictable subscription-based model guarantees that value scales, too.

Talend Editions and Features

Talend Data Integration Overview

TOS Interface

  • Designer
  • Components Palette
  • Opened Jobs
  • Repository Pane
  • Parameters Pane
  • Perspectives



  • Remote
  • Local
  • Local Offline


  • General Principles
  • Business Models
  • Jobs
  • Contexts
  • Code

Anatomy of a Job

  • Subjobs
  • Starting Point
  • Main Connections
  • Lookup Connections
  • Endpoints

Signals and Data Connections

  • Row
  • Trigger
  • Iterator

Row In Detail

  • Main
  • Lookup
  • Filter
  • Merge


  • Built In
  • Repository


  • Sub Job Triggers
  • Run If Triggers
  • On Component Triggers

Iterators In Detail

Component Parameters

  • Basic
  • Advance

Components and Repository

The Context

  • Context
  • Global Context

The Global Map

  • put
  • get

Component to use

  • File Components
    • tFileInputDelimited
    • tFileInputPositional
    • tFileInputXML
    • tFileInputExcel
    • tFileInputFullRow
  • Database Components
    • tOracleClose
    • tOracleCommit
    • tOracleConnection
    • tOracleInput
    • tOracleOutput
    • tOracleRollback
    • tOracleRow
    • tOracleSP
  • Custom Code Components
    • tJava
    • tJavaFlex
    • tJavaRow
    • tLibraryLoad
    • tSetGlobalVar
  • Processing Components
    • tConvertType
    • tAggregateRow
    • tAggregateSortedRow
    • tFilterRow
    • tFilterColumns
    • tJoin
    • tMap
    • tReplace
  • Orchestration Components
    • tFileList
    • tFlowToIterate
    • tForeach
    • tLoop
    • tPostjob
    • tPrejob
    • tReplicate
    • tRunJob
    • tUnite
  • Logs & Errors
    • tAssertCatcher
    • tChronometer
    • tDie
    • tFlowMeter
    • tLogCatcher
    • tLogRow
    • tStatCatcher
    • tWarn
  • Other useful components
    • tSchemaComplianceCheck
    • tUniqRow
    • tBuffer
    • tContextLoad
    • tFixedFlowInput
    • tMsgBox
    • tRowGenerator

Tips and Tricks

Getting Help

Total Hours for Training : 30


  1. hi umesh, i need talend training, please let me know your time availabiloity, i am based in uk.

    • Hi Rajan,
      Thank you for showing interest, right now i am creating all training related course material so once it’s completed i will update on same.

  2. Hi,

    Could please send me the training material for the above topics.I would like to learn.

  3. Hi Umesh,
    I have some queries like:
    I have some sources files and one lookup file . In that lookup file its mention like which column are required and which column are optional.
    I just want to validate those column with my source file.
    Would you plz assist me.

    • Design your job poster which maps your source file with column list then get a list of columns from source file and then check with lookup column list. Read validating CSV header on dwetl.com. blog for source column to loopkup column chech.

  4. Hi Umesh,
    I need Talend training online. please let me know when can we have demo

  5. Can you please add some topics on tNormalize

  6. Hi Umesh,
    please let me know the training fee and duration .

    • I am too busy in my other initiatives, so not able to take any training, once i will be free i will notify you thank you very much for shown interest.

  7. i umesh can u plz post the answers also as for ur posting talend interview questions thats very helpfulll for me

  8. Hi Umesh,

    Below url is not working

    Learn Your Self Visit DwETL.com

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