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Local, Remote, and Local offline Project

When you start Talend you will get wellcome screen with few option to select, create or import projects, but if you are starting Talend very first time then you should be aware of following project and connection type.

Create/Connect Local Project. 

  • Click on three dot button (…) which take to the next step of creating new project.
  • At left side click on [+] button to add new connection.
  • Select Repository as “local”
  • Provide “Name” for connection like “local”, “LocalTalend”
  • Provide Description if required.
  • write email address and password to the respective filed.
  • Select “workspace” area which is more important because all your jobs and projects will be created in this area.
  • Click on “OK” button. here you have created your first connection as local.

By this way you can add many connection as per your requirement.

Create local project in Talend

Create local project in Talend

Create/Connect to Remote Project. 

  • Select “Remote” option from Repository drop-down box.
  • Provide valid name in “Name” field, it will be defaulted with “remote”
  • Description is optional, but recommend you to provide.
  • provide TAC user email address, it try using this email id with your remote repository.
  • provide Password against email id, this should be configured/created prior to this step using TAC.
  • provide your local machines workspace area ( where do want to create local copy of repository?).
  • Web-app url, you need to provide valid repository url wherein repository have been configured, generally you could find it in TAC or ask to your TAC administrator.
  •  check on “check-URL” to verify repository connection/access.
  • Click on “OK” and go back to login window.
Connecting to the Remote Project Talend

Connecting to the Remote Project Talend

  • once came back on previous screen you will able to select remote repository.
  • Now select Project from “project list”.
  • if you don`t see anything then click on “refresh button” it will show you available projects from repository.
  • SVN branch, will populated automatic if you different branch address for project then you select it from available branches.
  • click on “Open” button, it will show you Studio with available project & Jobs.

Offline Project. 

  • Offline project is available in enterprise addition.
  • You don`t need to configure or create, it should be activated from TAC.
  • By using this you can work offline when you are not connected to the “Remote” project. it ill check-in all changes to the repository as soon as you get connected.

You are free to ask your questions.